Project 365

I read about this a couple months ago. A photographer started taking pictures every day and posted one of his favorites to a blog / his flickr account. It was interesting to read and follow his journey on how he evolved and brought his photography to a next level. It took me almost a month to decide that I want to do this as well. I was thinking when he found time although he was working, has family and friends I should be able to pull this off too.

It will be definitely an interesting journey and experience to push yourself to take at least one shot every day and I am very excited to see myself where it will get me.

The rules are pretty simple. Take pictures everyday for 365 days and upload one of your favorite for each day. It is not necessary to upload the picture the same day but you have to take pictures every day. I will also document how many pictures I have taken that day and write something about the walk or location I visited.

I also was thinking to implement some weekly challenges into this project like, shoot only 50mm, macro lens, tele zoom or specific topics like only street photography, flowers, buildings etc. If you have some ideas feel free to post some 🙂

January is almost over but there is no definite time to start, I will on February 1st but you just have to start. I will post the pictures here on the blog and also on my flickr account

If you would like to join me feel free so this way we can exchange ideas and weekly challenges.