Shadow and Light

I know that taking pictures in harsh sunlight requires the knowledge of the behavior of light in this situations. I still think that taking pictures in those situations can be achieved in a good way and can create good results.

But I think I have a long way in front of me to master those situations, I need to get out more and face this situations. One attempt was playing with light and shadow underneath a overhang. During a wedding day you can not predict light and how it falls on the subjects. The wedding ceremony in Michigan can be outside at 2pm or in dim church with no windows. As a wedding photographer you have to be prepared for all kind of lighting situations and have the right tools to accommodate those situations. I still learning every day and every wedding I shoot and I really believe that no one can really master the light, it takes endless praise and exercise to understand it better but there are endless situations around there and it is impossible to master them all but you can get comfortable in those situations so you do not have to hide in the shadows. Happy shooting this weekend.

wedding light photography

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